VW MK1 Rabbit Caddy Scirocco Jetta Upgraded Door Striker Pin Set - Rare!!-


$ 13.95 $ 19.95

New here at MK1Engineering are these nice, solid door striker Pins for your VW MK1. Since there wasnt a quality replacement currently being offered, we had a batch of these made exclusively for us to our specs. Now there's no need to buy an overpriced "cheap" door striker with a nylon bushing that will fall apart after little usage.

The result of using a solid door striker much different than that of one with a nylon bushing. To sum it up, you will have a more solid feel and sound when shutting the door with these installed. Best of all, these do not wear out like the OEM style pin. These will fit all VW  MK1 cars from 1975 to 1984. They will not fit the Cabriolet or Sc.irocco MK2

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