VW MK1 02A / 02J Clutch Cable Conversion Kit


$ 155.00 $ 275.00

We are now offering a Cable Conversion Kit for installing an 02A or 02J transmission in your MK1 VW.

We have developed and produced the cable to be the proper length and have the proper ends for a direct fit into your MK1. The cable itself is Stainless Steel and has 2 (and in some places 3) layers of OEM protective sheathing. To top it off, we have upgraded the adjusting nut to metal for longevity. This was produced by us solely for the MK1 community to make your MK1 have OEM appearance and function- with an 02A or 02J transmission. This is not the modified CRX cable others will sell you!!

The Actuator we have produced to be the same quality and fitment of the OEM equivalent, just at a much more affordable price!

if you have any questions, please let us know-

****The parts in this kit come pre lubricated and carry a 1 year replacement warranty****

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